First Quarter of 2019: Lessons and Blessings

Day 266 in 2019. Chapter 4. 2019 didn't come to play. We were just saying 'happy new year's yesterday and now... First quarter of 2019 is gone... just like that? Okay though. Trying as much as I can to keep up with the pace. So here's a short post on some lessons 2019 has taught… Continue reading First Quarter of 2019: Lessons and Blessings


The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Achieving Goals In 2019

Happy New Year 🎊 from HeyGirrl to you and yours. It's the new year, we've set new goals on how to conquer the year, how to GROW and be better persons this year. The rush of excitement to go out there and smash those goals is still there and I pray it doesn't go away.… Continue reading The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Achieving Goals In 2019

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6 little ways to love yourself wholeheartedly

Self-love is a love made for you by you. I stopped chasing perfection and started being conscious of the way I feel about myself, the things I say to myself from time to time. Because truly, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” - Maya Angelou Loving yourself is having a deep appreciation for yourself, your insecurities be damned.

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NYSC Survival Strategies Based on the Experience of Ex-corps Members|| An Interview (Part 2)

These are NYSC survival strategies based on the experience (to prospective corps members or even corps members already serving) of 10 ex-corps members from different states. If you just got posted to a new State, a new environment and you're still finding your way, trying to adjust, this post would show you patterns on how to survive in wherever you're posted to and ways to implement those strategies/patterns. Where did they serve? Were they posted to the rural or urban area of the state? More importantly, how were they able to scale through? Were there lessons learnt and/or achievements? In this post, you'd also find out how these ex-corpers were able to survive on their N19,800, some did it by planning their month, getting food stuffs, etc. Keep reading to find out more! Enjoy your read☕

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50 Incredible Quotes From Jen Sincero’s YOU ARE A BADASS.

In You are a badass, Jen Sincero talks about self-love, forgiveness, procrastination, financial success, extensively about possibility mentality/the power of positive thinking and so much more. Jen took me on a journey, carefully addressing all my issues one after the other. I’ve never read a self-help book like this. - Oma You can read my… Continue reading 50 Incredible Quotes From Jen Sincero’s YOU ARE A BADASS.