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HeyGirl is a Female personal development blog that provides weekly resources of the best articles in inspiration/self-improvement, self-care, book reviews and DIYS for young women between the age of 18-40 all over the world.




This category is very important in the overall purpose of the blog – GROWTH. We’re here to help you lead a purposeful life with optimism. We share tips on how to; improve your self-esteem, improve productivity and while doing so achieve a healthy work-life balance.



To help you live your best life is what we’re here for but you can’t do that without being physically, mentally and emotionally stable.

Your growth is going to be intense, your growth is going to shock everyone, including YOU and no we won’t allow you break down or lose yourself during the course of this growth.

This is why self-care is important, we believe that when self-care is practiced correctly, it does wonders to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

In this category, we share tips on how to deal with and reduce stress (that could cause health problems), how to maintain balance while growing, how to understand and treat yourself better – from decluttering to working out to treating yourself, etc.


“Books grow you. Books challenge you. Books humble you. Books save you from making perilous mistakes. Books accompany you when you’re feeling alienated and misunderstood”.

So, read a few pages, read a whole book, READ!

Autobiographies, Self-help/ self-improvement, African books and Fiction. We review all.
If you’re a book lover and you’d like recommendations on books to read,
If you were once into books and somehow you just stopped reading,
thank Mr. Internet for bringing you to the right place!
Come let us help you rekindle your love for reading and help you make an unending commitment to reading. It’ll be REAL this time, I promise!

Also, if you’re an author/publisher in need of an honest review for your book, I’m available and I’d love to work with you!
Feel very free to send in your books.
You can shoot me an email at bennomaa@gmail.com
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Your speed doesn’t matter, FORWARD IS FORWARD

ChiOma Onyido, also known as Oma is a young Nigerian woman who loves living and learning. She is a graduate of Biochemistry, Covenant University and is currently pursuing her M.Sc in biochemistry.

Oma is a fashion designer, content creator, a freelance model, an avid reader, an ice cream addict and a gifted sleeper.

In Oma’s words: “The society has given us a prescription of what to wear, how to look and even how/ what to feel. It has defined what “beautiful” should look like. Which isn’t even close to true, because being beautiful isn’t just in ‘looks’, being beautiful is a feeling too. The only person who can validate you is the one who stares you back in the mirror. That’s the biggest truth I’ve learned all my life. Young girl, the sooner you embrace this truth, the better for you”.

She believes that there is so much to learn, UNLEARN and RELEARN.
After struggling with body positivity and self-acceptance for 6 years and spending months ranting and rambling on her Facebook personal page about things women go through. She started this blog on October, 2017, a place where she shares her personal experiences, her life lessons, her truths, her thoughts and HER STORY of how she overcame and learned to accept herself, ‘flaws be damned’.

From her little experience and how much knowledge of financial success and secrets she has accumulated from books, Join her as she shares as many money lessons as she has learned, teach you how to majestically walk out of that financial bondage, plan the perfect budget for yourself and all that money talk.

This is a community of young women between the age of 18-40. This is a place you’ll visit and feel like you’re having a walk with a big sis. This is a place you’ll get inspired and in turn inspire and encourage others. This is…


You Are Welcome.

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