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6 little ways to love yourself wholeheartedly

6 little ways to love yourself wholeheartedly

You’re on this blog today because you’re a growing passionate woman like me on a journey to personal development. In all aspects of your personal development, self-love (and self-care) are two IMPORTANT things you can’t do without.

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6 little ways to love yourself wholeheartedly
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Growing up, I wasn’t a big fan of myself or the way I looked. And because of this, I struggled with almost everything. As a result, I transferred this responsibility to people to make me feel good. I dressed up to receive compliments from people, infact on days when I would dress up and those compliments don’t come, it made me feel so incomplete and not enough.

“The only person who can validate you is who stares you back in the mirror”.

– Unknown

Some months ago, I summoned up the courage to write a post on 3 flaws I’ve learned to love about myself. Till date (according to my stats), that post is still my best viewed post with more than 50 comments.

Self-love is a serious topic.

Self-love is a love made for you by you.

I stopped chasing perfection and started being conscious of the way I feel about myself, the things I say to myself from time to time. Because truly,

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”
– Maya Angelou

Loving yourself is having a deep appreciation for yourself, your insecurities be damned.

Self-love isn’t always as simple as we make it out to be, it is one of the biggest struggles we face.
You don’t need to lose that weight or get that job or that degree to start loving yourself.


Grab your coffee/ tea, relax and let me show you how…

6 little but HUGE ways to love yourself wholeheartedly;


You are flawed but original, imperfect but beautiful.

Be unabashed of everything that makes you you.

You are enough and you’re going to get even better.

6 little ways to love yourself wholeheartedly

Remind yourself everyday what you love about yourself.
Pick one thing you love about yourself and tell yourself everyday.
Or you could make it into a list and add put down one thing you love about yourself in the list everyday. You could do this during your morning routine or at night.

It helps you get rid of negative self doubts and reminds you why you’re worth love and respect.


Reward yourself

The ability to celebrate wins at every point is very relevant in our journey. Not the final product of that activity – PERFECTION but more importantly, the process of getting there and everything you learned along the way – PROGRESS.

6 little ways to love yourself wholeheartedly

Treat yourself

Show yourself love. Get yourself a gift, a book, take yourself out, go shopping. Just do something for yourself.

Slow down and enjoy life. Rest and pleasure is a way to balance your drive.


Let go of your past

You can’t do anything about your past but you’re in total control of your future.

Forgive yourself

That thing you did in the past that makes you cringe whenever you think about it, that thing that makes you ask and wonder “could this be me, could I really have done this, whyyy, I shouldn’t have”. Well you have, and you’re not stupid, mistakes happen. We make bad choices once in a while that’s why we’re human. Forgive yourself, stop judging yourself for those things you did and you can’t change, stop revisiting those mistakes, take the lessons you can and move on from them, there are better things waiting to be explored! Allow yourself.

Forgive others

Developing self-love also involves forgiving others, don’t let them occupy a room in your heart without paying rent. Let them go, your peace of mind is more important. Remember, you’re doing it for you not for them.


Practice gratitude

Practice gratitude, make it a lifestyle.

Where you are right now is someone’s prayer point. Remember those days you prayed for the things you have now? At every point, be grateful because it could’ve been worse. Make gratitude an everyday attitude.

“Your life is not between the moments of your birth and death; your life is between now and your next breath”.


So for every second, every minute, every hour BE GRATEFUL.


What do you enjoy doing? Start paying attention to those things that move you and make you feel most fulfilled when doing them. Stop ignoring those things.

“Life is short and rare and amazing and miraculous”.

– Elizabeth Gilbert

There are treasures, extraordinary treasures hidden inside of you. And well, they can’t be hidden forever.
You have to bring them to light.

Work. Faith. Focus. Courage. Hoursofdevotion.

Be aware of things that are truly worth your energy. When you find those things, put your mind to it.

Invest in yourself.

You are far too smart to be the only person standing in your way.

🔲 Your Circle of Friends Matters

Let go of people that are toxic to your progression.

In that post I wrote,

Run away from anything that will not strengthen you”.

Surround yourself rather with people who will encourage you, inspire you, give you hope, add something to you, make you more confident and so muchhh more.

In this your journey of self-love, you will encounter toxic people and you need to learn to identify them because they’re not worth your energy.

Let go of people that are toxic to your progression.

Last but not the least,



Self-love is really important. By showing yourself love, you are teaching people how to love and treat you.

It is not an overnight process, it is a gradual journey and you need to be patient with yourself every step of the way ♥️

Along the way, don’t forget to…

Live Freely. Love. Learn. Laugh. Let others see your real, magical, weird, wonderful, amazing, sassy and badass self.

Because you alone are enough and have nothing to prove to anybody”
– Maya Angelou

If you’ve learnt a thing or two from this, please don’t forget to share this post with someone who could use some love today… blog signature

Was this helpful? How do you show yourself love? If you have other ways on loving yourself, share with me how you do it! Share with me, a girl could use some of your tips♥️

Thank you for reading🌺


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