20 Easy-peasy Ideas For Practicing Self-care

Life is a precious gift and therefore, should be treated as such. This is the ‘refueling’ I was talking about while enjoying your ride in this journey called life. However, you need to understand that you don’t have to totally burnout to refuel, you can make this an everyday routine to live a better and happier life.
This is an article on self-care, why it’s important, ways it can be done (a list of simple self-care tips to practice) and when it should be done.

Before I go further, it is important to note that self-care practices are completely different from self-destructive activities. According to Katherine Hurst, self-destructive activities are unhealthy coping mechanisms like drugs, over-eating, risk-taking, alcohols we indulge in to help us regulate challenging emotions (but the relief is temporary).

Why Is  Self-care  Important? 
Self-care, if practiced correctly does wonders to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.
These are the reasons – just to mention a few – why self-care should be made priority numero uno in our daily lives;


  • Improves our self-esteem,
  • Increases our productivity
  • A healthy work-life balance
  • helps us to understand ourselves better
  • Reduces stress – Studies have shown that stress can lead to some serious health problems such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s diseases, asthma and even heart disease.

There are so many other great benefits of self-care unraveled by researchers.

Katherine Hurst gives a detailed explanation on these benefits highlighting some interesting points.

How Then  Can  We  Practice  Self-care? 
I wrote a list of some easy-peasy self-care tips you could practice. It is important to note that not all of these practices suits everyone.
Also, you can’t try all at the same time. Just take one after the other, pick whichever that seems the most fun and relaxing and fit into your schedule.

1. Declutter
To declutter means to remove or do away with unnecessary items from a place. Could be your room, kitchen, computer files even your calendar (to fit some more important things into your schedule).

2. Treat yourself

As Jen Sincero so brilliantly stated in her book You Are A Badass, “time spent enjoying yourself is never time wasted”. From time to time, show yourself some love! Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.
You could buy yourself a new outfit, a bag, shoes, jewelry or any accessory that piques your interest.
However, If you’re on a tight budget (and you’re within Nigeria) and you’d like something pretty, unique and also affordable. You can try any of these online stores, they’re awesome!
IG: @stylebymandy
IG: @exquisitelooks_
IG: @elmaas_boutique

3. Write

I use writing as an easy way to unwind. When I’m having a bad day, I pick up my journal and rant incessantly about what my boss or a co-worker did to me at work I didn’t like. I’d like to announce that it has worked greatly for me and it can for you too.

Also Read: Why Do I Write

4. Take A Nap

Sleep is a necessity. Never underestimate what sleep can do to your productivity and overall performance.
According to Healthline, sleep is crucial for our physical and mental health.
I don’t joke with my sleep, you shouldn’t too.

5. Try Some DIYS

DIY is short form for Do It Yourself. It’s a way of learning something while having fun and at the same time SAVING MONEY! The perfect 3- in-1 right? How is it possible to achieve all these at the same time? BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING IT YOURSELF!
Crazylittleprojects and diys.com offer detailed tutorials and exciting DIY activities, I use these websites for my DIY tutorials. If you’re running out of ideas, you could visit any of these sites and try some fun diys like tote bags , bead making, home decor, sewing a pillow, revamping am old item, hand-made bag using an old Jean, etc.

6. Watch A Movie

Netflix , satellite dishes, irokoTV you could subscribe to any of these, binge-watch your favorite programs and have a good time while eating your popcorn.

7. Read Books

Or blog posts or any article of your interest online to get free inspiration, learn new things/new ways of doing things.
Pick any from your genre of interest and bury your nose in.

Here are 3 books I think you should read;

8. Take Selfies

Open front-facing camera. Pose. Snap selfie. Done.

Open camera app. Find a pretty mirror. Pose. Take picture. Done.


9. Massage Your Breasts
Breast massage has been shown by studies – among so many other great benefits – to reduce the risk of breast cancer, make the breasts fuller and perky.

10. Workout

You can use the gym or simply, work out at home. YouTube has made this easier, so many workout videos are now available for download. Also, I have am amazing workout app on my phone with different exercises you could try, has a timer, a calendar and even an option to set the difficulty, gold right? I know!

11. Listen To Music

Music (at its loudest) boosts my mood. Music boosts everybody’s mood.

12. Sing/ Dance

None of these I have a talent in but I love and enjoy doing them. I sound completely horrific when I sing. About dancing, I know it’s as easy as following the beat and moving to the rhythm, but – about 10 seconds into the dance – this gets too boring for me, I lose control and I start squirming like an earthworm who just had salt sprinkled on it.
However, this doesn’t stop me from feeling like I’m in a music video every once in a while.

13. Go For A Walk
A walk is needed once in a while especially when the weather is pleasant. To clear your head, to admire nature, to think clearly.
Or if you’re scared of looking like a lone ranger, you could call some friends and grab one or two drinks while you catch up on what’s been happening lately.

14. Say No
Learn to say no – honestly but politely – to an invitation you don’t want to go to or don’t have time for, to a proposal or a date. No explanation, no negotiation. Just no.

15. Exfoliate/ Use Your Lip Scrub.

16. Pinterest
I spend an ungodly amount (of time) on pinterest. I didn’t join pinterest recently but I’ve always used it as a sort of like ‘window shopping’ app where I admire and pin beautiful/creative fashion styles/housedecor/cakes/blog graphics/gift ideas. I recently learnt from a blogger that pinterest is more than that and it could be used for blog traffic.

JoanAkob shared amazing tips on how to use pinterest to generate higher blog traffic, I mean this blogger got about 10k+ views in 5months on her blog by using this platform! Terrific, right? I know!

17. Wash Your Wig/ Makeup Brushes
Gift has a detailed post on how to do this. There might be some rude things (you don’t know) you’re doing to your wig! Read on how to wash your wig from a pro so you don’t ruin it!

18. Clean Your Earrings
Earrings are very important pieces of jewelry that needs to be cleaned from time to time. Why?
When we wear earrings, overtime dirt gets trapped inside these earrings (or their hooks). This isn’t new to us, what we don’t know is that this dirt can cause some serious irritations/infections. This is why you should clean your earrings (and ear holes).
I use cotton wool and alcohol to clean mine every week.

However, if you’re not fully convinced or you need a step-by-step guide on how to, check out this quick but detailed tutorial on how to clean your earrings without ruining them.

19. Clean Your Ears and Belly Button /Navel
Bacteria, dirt, sweat and even soap accumulate in these places overtime.
Research conducted by North Carolina State University states that “the average navel is swarming with 67 different species of bacteria”. Ewww, I know right?
Use cotton buds or a cotton swab (soaked in soap & water or alcohol) or a soapy wash cloth to clean.

20. Iron your clothes, check your clothes, do some quick adjustments or amendments on them and polish your shoes.

When can I practice self-care?
Like Forbes suggested, you don’t have to wait for the weekend, the holidays or a zombie apocalypse.

Start today and be regular! Progress over perfection!


How do you practice self-care? Were these tips helpful? Are you going to try them? You should!

From the second you took your first breath, you were worthwhile and valid. Never doubt this.

Gabrielle Union

Thank you for reading ❤️



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