I never started a business. I started an eBay store, and ended up with a business. I never would have done it had I known it was going to become this big. I was twenty-two and, like most twenty-two year olds, I was looking for a way to pay my rent and buy my Starbucks chai. Had someone shown me the future of where Nasty Gal would be in 2014, I would have gasped in revulsion, thinking, Oh, hell no, that is way too much work. The name of the company alone should clue you in to this fact – who would have thought that a company called Nasty Gal could be so successful? I sure as shit never intended to be saying those two words all day, every day, seven years later.

– Sophia Amoruso

This was gotten from her book #Girlboss (it is a must read for all). If you’ve read this book, you would know that Sophia’s success story was – for lack of a better term – MIND BLOWING.

Great achievements begin with small opportunities
CEO of Nasty gal, Sophia Amoruso never intended to be a CEO today. However, she didn’t just wake up one day to the million dollar empire. Sophia has been fired from many jobs and then one day, decided to just be her own boss. She started selling vintage clothes on eBay. Now get this, she didn’t ‘find’ this opportunity, she created it herself. She started small while working her ass off. And while working, she focused on growth. These were all baby steps – among others – that led to her success

🔴BIG DREAMS, small steps🔴

When you were a baby, you didn’t just grow up suddenly, started walking and doing everything on your own. It was a gradual and obviously progressive growth that happened to everyone.

I’ll reiterate what Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Norma Kamali said:
“Young girl, dream big, never stop dreaming. Because one dream is never enough and most importantly, keep taking steps – no matter how small – never stop working on your growth”.

Most people wait for the opportunity to come knocking. But heygirl, if you want to share your success story too one day, I say get up and build the frigging door! Just get out there and do something.

Start now, start small, start with anything.

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