I’m A Girl Who Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve…

I’m a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and I’m not ashamed of it.

I'll wear my heart on a sleeve

Wearing your heart on your sleeves means:
🔴 You are open and honest about every things. Your yes is your yes and your no is your no. You make a certain decision, you mean it, you own it, you believe in it and you’re not afraid to say it anywhere.

🔴 There’s this guy you’re into and you’re not afraid or shy to say, “I like you, let’s date!”.

🔴 You love quickly and really deeply and with every ounce of your heart!

🔴 You say things the way you see it without having the need to sugar coat it.

(I’m not saying these are all what open and honest people must or should do. it might be any one of these things).


Sometimes you would feel vulnerable and you won’t like the feeling. This category of people are the easiest targets for the wrong people to hurt and step all over.
You won’t be liked by many people too because you can’t just lie and sometimes honesty is mistaken for rudeness.

You’ll also be taken for granted (by some people). Concerning the part about asking a guy out, sometimes you would be perceived as desperate.

But the good news is, what you are is what you attract. Being an honest person will also make other honest people want to be around you.

Your relationship life is also going to enjoy this particular trait of yours. Because nobody wants to be with a liar or someone they know they can’t trust. Right?

I feel people who wear their heart on their sleeves have exceptionally beautiful souls.

So dear girl-who-wears-her-heart-on-her-sleeves, don’t stop, never wish it away, keep doing you because this trait is beautiful and it’s not just about learning to accept it and loving yourself that way. Above all else, learn to protect it.

Will you grow a fresh new set of balls today and start expressing your emotions openly and freely?


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