Hello February!

Happy new month loves!

January has finally come to an end. Wow, I’m so early! Lol. I know we’re already in the third day of February alright.

Meanwhile, have you guys noticed this scary thing about time. When you’re looking forward to something (it’ll take forever) but when you’re falling behind on a deadline (time goes by really fast)! It’s been happening to me, I’m sure I’m not the only one!


I’ve been spending an amazing amount of time organizing my little apartment! I got new curtains, bed spreads and a mirror!


This is how it has been for me these past few days (blogging-wise).

*puts on lucky writing socks, opens wordpress app, flexes fingers and…*

*Sits… (0, 1, 2, 3, 4…) waiting for something to pop up…*

*Stares blankly at the screen… No inspiration. Nothing…* *gets disappointed, closes app* #sigh.

Blogging can be hard sometimes.

This month has been a busy one for me, settling in, my new life and all that. I know I didn’t do much of Blogging this month. But February is going to be better! (pinkyswear).

But sometimes, it’s not just that I’m busy and don’t have time.

Sometimes, I feel stuck like everyone is out there breaking records, doing collaborations, making awesome posts and I’m here waiting for motivation.

That’s going to change!

Why wait for motivation when you can just write about anything and everything? It feels good to say and get out things that are inside you.


📌 Read more

Readers are leaders. I’ll read more to learn more (especially writing skills). After all, to become a great writer, you have to follow the steps of some other great writers… Right?

📌 Write more

I’m going to start writing a lot (starting from this month) BECAUSE I CAN.

Like I said, February is going to be better! Lots of people write more than me (even though it’s a full time job for most) and I’m envious of those folks.

Myself, I’ll start by doing roughly 2 articles every 2weeks (yassssssss baby!). Wait, that’s the same as doing one article per week. Well… babysteps (shrugs).

📌 Try some DIYs!

Lol, I won’t say much about this. I’ll get back to you guys if it’s a success.

📌 Self care routine

I was never one of those ‘wash your face before you sleep, mix honey and turmeric, buy toner, order soaps online’ type of girl.

Why? Because I don’t wear makeup (everytime) and I didn’t feel it was necessary.

I’m beginning to have breakouts!!! *wipes tear. I don’t know if it’s because of change of environment or that special time of the month when Aunt Flo comes visiting. But whenever I pick up a mirror, I just cringe inside. I really don’t like the way it’s looking.

So I’ve decided to try a couple of tips I read on tobi’s blog on skincare. Thankyou dear! I really hope it works!

Happy new month once again. I pray the rest of the year goes well for all of us. May God be with us in this journey as he gracefully guides us and help us out when we feel lost.

How was your January? What important events took place? How has your blogging journey been so far? What are your expectations for February?


4 thoughts on “Hello February!

  1. cliquetalk says:

    Hey girl!
    Something always brings me back here… Anyways, happy New month!
    January was tough… I couldn’t wait for it to be over…
    I duno about blogging journey so far but it think i should be grateful.
    I hope for better things this Feb.
    Nice post BTW

    Liked by 1 person

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