My Experience As A Corper Serving In The University Of Ilorin.

Transportation Struggle

The ‘better by far stress’ University – University of Ilorin.

This past month, the kind of struggle I’ve seen (I struggle too, but not as bad as the students) students go through concerning transportation, ugly would be an understatement to describe the situation!

Still, no solution has been found!

First of all, the fuel scarcity in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state has led to the hiked prices in transport dare, increase in the prices of goods/services and all manner of exploitative activities by cab drivers and even Okada men.

This economic situation has (to a large extent) affected the students. It has further led to the frustration and traumatization of the students of the University of Ilorin.

My Experience

Due to my bad habit of constantly snoozing my alarm (because I’m this 6:55,7:00,7:05,7:10 alarm person). I woke up super late for work that morning.

I decided to try an easier option of getting to work faster. I took a bike straight from my place (at tanke) to a place called Okeodo so as to take a cab that’ll take me directly to the school park.

However, I didn’t know what was waiting for me. Reverse was the case o! It was like I jumped from frying pan to fire. The population of the students at the gate was massive and the struggle was something else.

I was confused. I thought of picking my phone to call in sick (feigned) or just join the struggle (I did the latter tho). I have never seen a thing like this in my life! It was like a swarm of bees rushing to where honey is or a swarm of flies rushing to where poop is.

I don’t know how else to put what I saw into words.

I’ve seen students literally wrestle and struggle to get a bus to go to school, doing the same thing when coming back.

Unilorin students anxiously waiting to catch a bus back home.

Photo credit: Kemi Adeyeye

After the exhausting morning experience, the one encountered on the way back home is far more worse.

I’ve read of a case where a student who arrived at the school park by 4:00 pm (after waiting on queue) only managed to leave school around 8:45pm.


Another Experience

One Monday afternoon (very very very hot afternoon) after work, I went to the park as usual to get a cab or a bus, just anything to take me out of the University to my home.

I waited at the park (under dodo frying hot sun, might I add) for close to an hour. Nothing. My stomach had already began it’s usual ‘choir ministration’, my head was really aching, and my feet were on fire (of all days, this was the day I decided to wear my very cool but tightAsF snickers).

I felt like putting my hands on my head, running around and screaming “this isn’t fairrrrrrr, I never chose to serve in this State!!!”. I didn’t though. I was really frustrated, I wanted to cry so bad.

I looked around me. I wasn’t the only one waiting for a bus. Students were either queuing, sitting, standing, some gisting with friend(s), some with eyes wide open for the next vehicle.

It’s only in Unilorin I’ve seen people jumping through the windows of buses/shuttles, some were even entering through the boots!

Getting a cab in Unilorin is like getting a well in Sahara desert.

The struggle Unilorin students struggle

Photocredit: Unknown

The rush, the push, the kicks, the injuries sustained, all these struggles, to them is worth it. As long as they are able to catch the bus and successfully secure a sit at any part of the bus. Nobody cares if they get crushed by the tyres or anything.

Everybody just wants to get home and rest after the long day.

The other day, I saw a girl who had her phone smashed while struggling to catch a bus. She didn’t only get her phone smashed, she also sustained a minor injury on her arm. And we were both struggling to catch the same bus! #sigh. I felt so sorry for her.

Picture of students trekking to the University

Picture of students trekking to the University Photo credit: Unknown

This unpleasant situation have caused students to be frustrated and traumatized. I go to bed everyday scared of going to work the next morning. I mean thank God, at least I go to work only thrice a week.

But what about the students who have to go through that stress everyday? How do they pass through this kind of stress everyday and still stay coordinated in class? How is learning effective? Have they ever recorded cases of mass failure in campus? If yes, shouldn’t this transportation problem be considered to play a role as a major factor? What is the FG and those in higher authorities doing about this?

I honestly do not know when all this is going to end but I really hope it is resolved soon!!!

Are you also a corper? or a student of Unilorin? How’s your ppa like? If you’re a student (of a different university), does this also happen in your school? Comment below, I would love to read about your experience 💕


9 thoughts on “My Experience As A Corper Serving In The University Of Ilorin.

  1. SALAKO Abraham says:

    I experienced the same thing two weeks ago. The organizers of the program I went for chose Saturday because of this same transportation problem. I was so kitted up and was doing fine boy at Tipper garage but after waiting for an hour, I quickly joined the struggle o. It paid off sha, I got a bus in fifteen minutes after bulldozing a slender guy with my left arm.
    Funny enough, the program had a very low turnout, I guess the students were stressed already.


  2. Tonalduffy says:

    I’m a student of unilorin. My period as a freshman was hellish for me. Getting a cab to school wasn’t much of a problem then as a freshman but going back home from school was really bad. On some days, I’ld be so lucky to get home by 7pm after lecture ends by 6pm, and some days it would be 9pm. But now in my semi-finals, I’ld say I’ve adjusted to it. It’s just so terrible for the freshers with little or no accommodation provided for them, plus the transport and academic struggle they’ve have to face. Really bad. The University of Ilorin is a typical picture of how Nigeria is today, Our leaders care less about us.

    Liked by 1 person

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