Let Go of People That Are Toxic to Your Progression

Toxic, dangerous, poisonous, deadly…
I call them vampires.

Their modus operandi includes;

They make you give, give and get nothing in return.

They drain you and steal your joy.

Encounters with toxic people leave you emotionally wiped out.

Interactions with them are negatively charged.

Toxic relationships don’t just limit your progress, it will cost you more than you can imagine.

They say or do things that make you feel inadequate or less about yourself just so they can feel better about themselves.

And it’s not like they’ll come right out and say these things; they don’t have to, they’ll just insinuate them and then leave you wondering, “what did that mean?”.

Sarcasm is the tool they use to execute this. They twist the truth so well that it’ll be unrecognizable and then innocently stand back to watch the show.

Everytime you try to be positive or talk about the good things happening in your life, they point out the “buts and are you sure-s”.

And in some cases, they do so unconsciously or with no evil intention. But in order to reach your goals and be happy, you have to remove yourself from such situation.

And how do you do that?

Let Go And Don’t Look Back

Learn to say no but politely.

No, I won’t let you continue to make me unhappy. No, I won’t let you make me feel less incredible anymore. And so many more nos…

I know it might not be easy to deal with or cut toxic people out of your life but not doing anything about it is like allowing it by default which means they’ll stay longer which is even more toxic to your person as a whole.

Look, if it makes you feel bad or by any way, steal your joy, hey, sit down and access the issue.

Ugghh, there’s nothing to access -_- Really

You don’t deserve to be treated that way! Nobody deserves to.

Let them know that you mean business!

Talk to the person about it Make a decision to limit your contact with such person, or maybe cut ties. And use a sharp scissors!

(I can’t imagine talking to someone with a personality disorder who derives joy from making me bitter and unhappy).

These people won’t catch their sub until you show them the door and hold it, till they all leave. Each and every one of them. They’ll know that you mean business.

Then close the door.

Close the door to these little things that put you down and shut it tight (forget the gif 😁 , I don’t understand why that creature was using so much force😒).

But seriously tho, you don’t need it. Your time and energy are needed for your own life and progression.

Run from anything that will not strengthen you.

Surround yourself rather with people who will encourage you, inspire you, give you hope, add something to you, make you more confident and so muchhh more.

Promise yourself that the rest of your life will be the best of your life.

Believe that there are infinite possibilities, opportunities and blessings that awaits you.

As for people, don’t worry they’ll all d… 😶


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17 thoughts on “Let Go of People That Are Toxic to Your Progression

  1. heartsinink says:

    I love the gif you used, lol, the duck keeps opening and closing the door simultaneously. That is definitely my mood.lol.
    Great great blog….you still need help editing the text widget?

    Liked by 1 person

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